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Chrissy Kittens 2018 Calendar “The Witch Is Back”

The 2018 Chrissy Kittens, “The Witch Is Back Calendar” is now available!

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Passion Pinups Magazine Issue 2 Summer

Issue #2 of Passion Pinups is out there! Issue 3 is coming in a couple weeks! Check it out. Help support the kitty…  😉

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Passion Pinups Magazine

I’m very happy to announce that I have started a pinup magazine! I have been doing lots of pinup shoots over the years and I figured it was time to lend my (and my photographer’s) talents and voice to the mix. This is our premiere issue and it is available on There is, of course a digital version as well but print is just…well…sexier! I’m also looking for other models to share the pages with so please, feel free to contribute! Hit me up with feedback and have a wonderful Spring!

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2017 Chrissy Kittens Calendar is now available!

My 2017 calendar is now available at Magcloud! It’s a HUGE 11×17 inches and has monster photos in there, LOL as well as some small shots of me in my day to day living….

Pick one up and have a kitty every month!

Chrissy Kittens 2017 Calendar

By Brett Middaugh in Chrissy Kittens

26 pages, published 10/3/2016

Chrissy Kittens 2017 Mega Huge Calendar. 12 months of the NJ Koast Kitten for your pleasure with some lifestyle shots thrown in for good measure!
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