About Chrissy K

Chrissy Kittens was born on the New Jersey Coast to parents of the Greatest Generation. Yep the ones who fought not only WWII but the Great Depression.

As a child she loved to draw and play with any small animals she could find at her families home at the shore.

Growing older, her passion for pen and ink drawing led her to try her hand at pursuing art as a career but after realizing that it might not be that secure of a field she went into the sciences and got a      bachelors degree in biology from the University of Monmouth.

After building a home with her beau, Brett Middaugh, the creator of “little britty and the big wheel” and author of “The Average BMXer”, they both decided it was time to pursue her passion for the arts  anew.

Chrissy put pen to paper once again in 2008 and returned to drawing. Around this time she also began a hardcore diet and lifestyle change, which ultimately ended up with her changing her look  completely and making Brett, go…”WOW, you look fantastic, you should be a pin up model!”

Since Mr. Middaugh was already a semi-professional photographer from his days running the BMXNJ website and magazine,  they took some test shots and realized…damn that’s not bad.

That led to saying, WTH, let’s post some online. Which led to people liking them, which led to us saying…let’s drop a website and put up some shots and show the world that average middle aged  American women can still rock out and…be creative as hell.

So please, kick back, check out Chrissy’s photos, her drawings, dribs and drabs of her life with her little animal collection and the craziness that is Chrissy Kittens, the pinup who is an artist.

We update pinup shots a few times a week. If you like the shots enough please show your support by buying a a print or product from my online Zazzle store! If you see a photo you like, I also do signed prints in 8×10, just drop me a line!

Stay creative, happy and sexy people!